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01 August 2006


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» Selling YouTube from Bistec
Today rankings released by Alexa show that YouTube has actually surpassed MySpace in web popularity. The sites visits have grown 155% in the past three months according to the provided data, while MySpace is only growing at 9%. Goes to show that... [Read More]

» Architectures of Participation: The Next Big Thing from web2.wsj2.com
Well, it seems to be finally happening. The Web 2.0 sites are starting to bubble up -- no pun intended -- to the very top of the traffic charts, with MySpace and then YouTube eclipsing each other in weeks. The Guardian reported yest [Read More]

» 参与的架构:下一件大事 from lolomarx
原文链接:Architectures of Participation: The Next Big Thing原文作者:Dion Hinchcliffe 事情最终还是发生了,那些 Web 2.0 网站正在展露头角(没有双关的意思),它们已经攀爬到互联网流量表的顶端,随着...... [Read More]


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