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18 November 2006


Renata Vincoletto

I know a lot of recent ex-Yahoos. My husband is a recent ex-Yahoo. I know several likely soon-to-be ex-Yahoos.
you can read my opinion here: http://rvincoletto.multiply.com/journal/item/284

Eric Jackson

This memo suggests that much more clarity is needed from Yahoo's CEO. It appears to be time for Terry Semel to retire and I would suggest that Susan Decker take over.

Jerry Yang and David Filo are critical at this crossroads for Yahoo!:





Interesting take on things as usual. We'll see how open to change Yahoo! really is... I just wonder how many current employees are really going to care about a vision or just get selfish and try to preserve their own jobs. I hope it's the former but fear it's the latter.


"Yahoo! staff, for the most part, want the company to succeed, they want a mission, and they want to play their part."

holy crap dude - you're saying that some percentage of Yahoo employees wants the company to fail? ok - throw out a number. what percentage?

Jim Benson


Heh, no that's not quite what I was saying. But I'd have to say it's clearly 11.235%. That's as accurate as I could get. That fourth decimal is a bitch!

I'd say that the percentage of the company that doesn't want it to succeed feel demoralized, beaten and burnt out. I'd say a very small percentage of people who aren't disgruntled employees or working for MSFT or GOOG want Yahoo! to fail at all.

People have a soft spot for Yahoo!

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