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27 January 2008


Edward Vielmetti

i would think that rather than all that time spent on facebook, you would spend more of your time making really good soup.

remind me to buy you a soup from Le Dog some time - you can't get it where you live - only two locations - no advertising, no marketing, just good soup.

Jay Fienberg

Wow, that Wikipedia definition of Social Media is horrid. Fortunately, what you're writing works as a more practical definition.

I think it's best to treat the term, Social Media, as the plural of Social Medium, e.g., not thinking that "Social Media is a platform," but instead thinking "social media are platforms."

But, even more so, I think the discussion of "social media campaigns" is really useful, because it's broad enough to account for a range between social campaigns utilizing broadcast media and media campaigns utilizing social systems.


Great blog post, very informative and precise. The examples are great, and helpful. I think this is something relevant to anyone looking to dip their toes into the social media world and really want to use it as a driving force for their personal or company's brand.

Magnolia Medina

I am doing a research on viral marketing for my master. The purpose of this study is to analyze three successful viral marketing camapaigns. If you want to participate, please click this link:


boakye gabriel

i appreciate your presentation on social marketing,but must emphasis that social networks are basically to generate social interest and long term relations. so whenever an organization wants to use these social media's, they must first acknowledge the interest that the product or service will generate to majority of people who patronise these networks for their marketing. i want to use this medium to congratulate you for your deep insight about social marketing and networks.


Thank you Boakye,

I very much agree with you - and would even go beyond that. Since I wrote this post, I've come to the conclusion that no social media campaign is complete without including all aspects of the company and, as you say, ensuring that the relationship you are building through the campaign is enduring.

Thank you again.

Todd Jones

This is awesome work!

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