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04 March 2008


Bill Anderson

Jim, another wonderful and generative post.

My associations from this include:

(0) leadership needs followership: we need to learn practices for both.

(1) responsibility and uncertainty: this seems right. Uncertainty is unnerving. Personally I have learned just how unnerving it can be. Part of my anxiety is fear of failure and I think it's easy to miss how much we all hate failure (and I do mean "hate").

(2) agile workplaces - coming, good, freedom, necessary: sounds like the Borg - resistance is futile. But resistance is not futile. I can resist learning for a lifetime, and in some areas of my life I'm sure I do just that. Your rah-rah tone here misses the serious nature of the transition. You do acknowledge that it's a process. But real personal effort is needed. And what is "freedom" anyway? I'm really want to know what that means to you here.


Jim Benson

Hi Bill,

I replied to this before and it appears to have been eaten by the ether.

Re #2, I was talking about this more in a social / cultural evolution sense. Culture has been steadily evolving from centralized forms of decision making to decentralized one. From Popes and Kings to Parliaments and Senates. From fear-based management to more open management.

So it wasn't "Agile will eat you", but that Agile management types are part of an overall historic trend towards the flattening of control.

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