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01 January 2009



It's what I called my 10x better social graph.

What do I commit to doing 10x better and for whom?

I tried this out at a mediacamp in London (without the 10x better) - just I do this for whom where and why and most people found it very hard to answer.

Hmm, I should add the 10x better in and try again. I might get better answers.

Hope you had a good NYE and are looking forward to an exceptional 2009!

An Bui

Jim, Great points all around. Not only are companies being judged by their actions, they are also being judged by their inactions or as well. Motrin released an ad about Moms for International Baby Wearing Week, which moms found offensive. The brand's inaction over the weekend caused a backlash of negative chatter. (See http://mashable.com/2008/11/16/motrin-moms/) Motrin decided to pull the ad and apologize.

I'm interested to see the other connections others see.

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