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25 August 2009



Jim, excellent observation, and something I've been harping on with clients looking for hierarchies of applications, or trying to inflict top-down social networking solutions or communications protocols on their enterprise.

The choice of tools follows the narrative, not the other way around.

I liken the 'Toolset Mindset' to mechanics who advocate the use of certain tools without knowing whether they're working on a race car or a water main. First identify the problem. Then talk about the solution.

Technologies don't connect networks...narratives do!

Paul Mathiesen

"Corporate Social Management Plans should lay out flexible and forgiving models where workers can select any application they want, and IT should provide simple APIs to connect to any relevant central data hubs." - you have summed up the issue in this one statement Jim. This is key to E2.0 adoption, Organisations should "allow" the concept & IT should support it in an agile way.

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