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14 October 2005


Bill Anderson

Jim, while I'm still digesting the whole 1.0, 2.0 (and won't 3.0 be here before 2.0 is deployed?) discussion, I appreciate your contribution.

But what freaked me out totally was this sentence: "A web 2.0 application would be specifically designed to foster, track, broadcast and evaluate the conversation." Particularly the part about "evaluation". What on earth are we talking about when we say a computer application is evaluating human collaboration? Computers and the applications that run on them don't know squat about anything. At least none of the systems I work with seem to. So what is a Web2.0 conversation "evaluation"?

It just makes me a bit crazy. And I wonder how to find out what this conversation is about. I'm interested, and I'm curious. I'm also worried.


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