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12 January 2006


Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Strangely, and despite my own expectations, I suppose I AM a little nostalgic about the Old Days. I like being able to get the weather for London just before I leave for the airport, and iSight with my kids when I'm away, etc., etc.; but still, the kludginess and insiderness of the Internet c. 1991 did have a certain charm.


Jesus, people. If you are nostalgic for the old days, you may come visit me, and my dial up connection which I use via a wireless phone jack, usually at the blistering speed of 21.6 kbps.

If I wanted, I could pay the not-too-nice people who own the only broadband option available to me seventy dollars a month, and then wait for a couple of months before they bothered to show up for the install.

Yeah, it still feels like going somewhere. On a pissed-off mule.

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