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21 April 2006


Laurel Papworth

"So my advice to AOL would be: Focus not on unseating MySpace, Focus on creating a community site that gives users the freedom they demand - and be prepared to defend that freedom when the inevitable bad press arises."

Excellent point! Couldn't agree more. Why on earth didn't MySpace just initiate a ranking/rating system like SlashDot? The one where you can set the level you want to see sites, and everyone votes on what level they should be. Put the control back in the hands of the consumer and you keep loyalty. Too simple huh?

Jim Benson


As in many areas recently, fear drives intollerance and the assumption that people cannot self-govern. MySpace is a microcosm, it seems.

Chuck Norris

This didn't intrigue me at all. Your opinions are not that of mine, ergo, they are wrong. So who is going to join our task to fight against myspace?


Holy shit! The first comment was posted on my birthday. Anyways, I'd like to say that I'mv 14-years-old and I detest MySpace with a strong on going passion. It's preppy little outlay, little poser bands putting their music on there because they're trying to be "unorthodox" or "different", yet many bands do it because it's the easy way. Everyone has an account and some have had them for years. Many of my friends, first thing when they come over, is ask if they can get on the computer to check their MySpace. MySpace is for pussies. I think that these little preps should stay off the internet if they're so vulnerable to rape and molestation. Don't censor the internet, stay off! MySpace is too strict. In fact, it's unconstitutional on the grounds that you can't have your freedom of speech on which this country was founded on.

Something new that recently occured, MySpace has began removing all Project Playlist set lists. So all the music from the REAL bands who don't post their music on MySpace will not be featured in your setlists. Project Playlist set lists held up to 100 tracks, compared to the inferior MySpace set lists ehich only hold 10. When ever I actually got onto my MySpace account my entire MySpace dignity was in my incredibly great set list. Now, I have no reason to get on MySpace. If you are supposedly allowed to customize your MySpace then why not allow a bigger set list.

Another reason I don't use MySpace is because if someone is wanting to socialize with me, at least have the pride to do it in person. Whether it's arguing, fighting, disagreeing, agreeing, joking around with, talking dirty with, etcetera. If they want to talk to me, they can ask me for my e-mail address or phone number, not if I have a fucking MySpace, because MySpace blows!

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