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11 May 2006


Karen Anderson

You did, indeed, read the wrong one. The novel you want to start with is Jingo. Work your way in from there. It's Pratchett's second best book. The best is Hogfather, but save that for winter.

Rich Webster

Indeed, Jingo, Hogfather are good. "The Truth" and "Small Gods" are also excellent.

The trick is: there are standalone books and series books within the "DiscWorld" series. The "Rincewind" stories are good to read in order. "Wyrd Sisters" and the other witch stories have an order, as well, but it isn't critical. There is some order to the stories about the City Watch (I think "Night Watch" is the first?) but they work independently pretty well.

Once you get the rythm and weirdness in your system, it all can flow from there.

Here's the official list, in order:

Books involving the City Watch:

Night Watch
The Fifth Elephant
Men at Arms
Feet of Clay

books involving witches:

Wyrd Sisters
Witches Abroad
Equal Rites
Carpe Jugulum

Other books involving DEATH:


Jim Benson

Wow, excellent. I added Jingo to my Amazon list as soon as Karen posted that.

I'll have to work my way through the rest of the list. Since I try to read a book a week, but also try to space out my authors, _and_ try to alternate between fiction and nonfiction ... I'd say I've got enough Pratchett now to last me past 2010!

Warning to others, I'm going to take Rich's list and go down it in order (except for Jingo) unless someone stops me. Thanks again, Rich.

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