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06 June 2006


Sid Steward

OT: Love the 'Model 1' snap -- brings back memories.

Dan Ciruli

Remember also that along with Excel 2007 Microsoft will release Excel Services, which enables collaboration on spreadsheets stored on a server via a browser. It also allows the creation of web services that use spreadsheets to do the calculation.

Jay Fienberg

Along the lines of my recent re-evaluating of email, I've also been re-evaluating the spreadsheet.

In some ways, I think spreadsheets, like email, can be part of a less techy-centric / tech-company-centric web.

Spreadsheets essentially created the modern information worker--they allowed people who were less than hardcore techies to create their own information services. "Send me those numbers, and I'll paste them into my spreadsheet and get you the answers you need".

Spreadsheets are like user-centric open apis and microformats!

I wonder how many of the O'Reilly elements of "web 2.0" can / will be replaced with hypertext aware spreadsheets and email programs :-)

Jim Benson

I miss the model 1 snap. I miss knowing that the computer was on or off. I miss serial application - one at a time, in only that I miss being awestruck by Ashton Tate's Framework and the awesome power of being able to use data between applications.

But I rarely pull out even my MacSE, let alone an old Model III.

Jay, what do you think of SocialText's incorporation of wikiCalc?

Obviously, since I miss my Model I, I miss Visicalc too. I even have a few versions of it lying around. But, I'm not sure I'd go to a wiki for my calc'ing.

Jay Fienberg

wikiCalc is cool. And, I don't see Google's entry into the online spreadsheet world as super significant, in itself. I do see the spreadsheet itself as super significant, and I imagine that a true hypertext spreadsheet (hypersheet ?) would be even more so.

I don't think wiki-izing a spreadsheet is a necessary step in the path twoards the kind-of full-on hypertext spreadsheet I am imagining. But, I know some of the folks at Socialtext see potentials for hypertext that really haven't been implemented yet on the Web. So, maybe they'll do something really amazing / unusual with wikiCalc.

Jim Benson

I can see that. and ... I'd like to see that.

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