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16 July 2006


David Anderson

I think Seth Godin explains the branding thing better - the brain seeks efficiency. Once a choice is made, the brain does not want to expend energy re-evaluatuating that choice. Hence, brand loyalty is strong because the brand helps with identification efficiency. Branding therefore re-inforces a choice. My brain chooses a brand not just for the logic of the immediate selection criteria but the long term efficiency of ease of future recognition and lack of need to re-evaluate the choice.


Sam Rose

Wow, thanks for this increadible post, Jim! GREAT STUFF!

I have a lot of feedback actually,so much that I am going to just create a blog post about your blog post.


While no one would dispute that Microsoft has caused a great deal of resentment, mostly related to its basically creating a monopoly, I'm not sure that it's really in danger, at least not yet. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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