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21 August 2006


Jay Fienberg

At the end of your post, you indicated what I think is the most important thing: instead of saying something about "blogs", you said something about "blogging".

People who work in the blog-industry always want to promote the importance of "blogs", i.e., some website format that is validated by the existence of the blog industry.

For dramatic reasons only, I'll conjecture that blogs are becoming the worst thing about blogging. In other words, people who love blogging are feeling more and more turned-off by blogs.

But, less dramatically, I think it's simple to say that blogging continues to evolve beyond and outside of blogs.

(I wrote more about this a few years ago--check it out: http://icite.net/blog/200307/blog_matter.html


Jim Benson

Oh come on! 2003!? Nothing of substance could possibly have been written more than six months ago! :-)

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