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02 August 2006


Mike Torres

"Windows Live Spaces should be a real platform. It should integrate my existing social networking needs."

I 100% agree with this. We're sincerely hoping some enterprising developers build some kickass gadgets to do just that! This is the primary reason we integrated with the Windows Live Gallery.

Jim Benson


I understand that. I've had a few longish conversations with people in your group over the last several months. I know that's the desire - but I've not gotten a sense that there was ever a firm action plan behind the desire.

When I see the Live offerings, I don't get a good read on specific activities that MSFT is undertaking to foster that vision.

I have been looking into building gadgets myself on the Live platform. The stuff that's coming out is really quite impressive. But there is a gap between what's the grand vision and what's actually hitting the streets.

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