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18 August 2006



Sounds a really awesome idea to me. As people who are new to the blogosphere will have a helping hand to decent blogs rather than being put off when they find splogs in random searches. Will be interesting to see how much time they spend weeding the list once they have created it.

Jeff Burkett

J. LeRoy,

Awesome post! Its remarks like this that really get me fire up.

We'll do our best to live up to your expectations!!


Standard Mischief

Funny, I see this totally differently than you do. Look, the WaPo already had their Technorati linkback tool, which means that any J. Random blogger could effectively comment on any WaPo story just by properly linking with a blog. As Tino noted:


not all the reporters at Pravda liked that feature. As the cost of world wide publishing has dropped down to the cost of one's own labor, the great unwashed may now automagicly toss their possibly “highly negative” two cents in.

Maybe I'm totally wrong, but this appears to be a WaPo “approved” list of bloggers in the proper frame of mind, plus a few select polite dissenting bloggers for “balance”. I know it's the Post's forum, and they can do what they wish with their site, but i don't think it deserves kudos.

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