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15 August 2006


Jay Fienberg

On one hand, yes, the creative forces that made Blogger great did not live long at Google. And, specifically, Evan Williams left Google and has been doing stuff at Odeo that is as creative and interesting today as his work at Blogger was five+ years ago.

But, for me, as someone who uses a bunch of different blogging tools for different blogs, I still think Bloggers is one of the best. And, specifically, the fact they aren't adding lots of features is what is so good about it.

I use tools other than Blogger for complicated sites that are somewhat blog-like, and for complicated blogs. But, for just "blogging", Blogger not only is uncomplicated, but it removes all temptation of complication.

I think the situation is comparable to something like: I think the iPod isn't very interesting because it doesn't support FLAC files, and playing mp3s doesn't impress me much. But, 99% of everyone else out there can appreciate a better mp3 player.

Similarly, Blogger's features will be appreciated by people who like what a blog allows them to do, and who have little interest in becoming a blog geek or doing something beyond basic blogging.

Jay Fienberg

Just saw that Evan has some comments about the upgrade on his blog:


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