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11 September 2006



This kind of malice is just another form of bullying. As we know from grade school, bullying begins then. By junior high, the bullied become savvy enough to bully or put down others, which only escalades in high school. By adulthood most people find this behaviour pathetic, but it still exists if you have ever had a malicious boss or been in a bar confrontation with a drunk sociopath (another reason to stay outta bars).


I guess I forgot to add that 90% of campaign ads are a type of malice/bullying which even though we are an electorate focused on the "issues" the ad people know how to get deep inside our "bullied" inner jnr high self and if the one guy can bully the other gal (or vice versa) we will follow like the jnr high crowd and follow who is the biggest bully/malicious person. It's more even in, say, a Senate race, but I bet you dollas to donuts people like to vote for the biggest fat ass take yer shorts down in front of girls bully cos it emits a weird, perverse sort of human political "power" which is just short of plain juvenile behaviour.

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