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15 October 2006


Charles Teague


[I'm from the Writer team]. One more note- the latest verion of Writer (available at http://windowslivewriter.spaces.live.com) includes built in tagging functionality that supports insert tags to a number of popular sites (technorati, flickr, delicious, etc...).



Robert W. Anderson


Tagging is how this all got started. I am now completely happy with Live Writer because it supports flexible tagging formats.

Cool product.

Jim Benson


Great. I'll check it out now. I went earlier today to see if there was a newer version than the one I had. The download page didn't provide a version number and the app itself didn't have an update function.

I hope that's in the new one too!


Spike Washburn (Writer Dev Team)

I see Charles got to you before I had to make a correction about Writer already having tagging support too :-)

Glad to see we seem to be keeping ahead of your Writer needs!

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