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11 October 2006


Ed Vielmetti

The cool people at Yahoo proper who I know or who I've heard talk seem to be buried deep, deep within some system that tries very hard to keep them out of the public light. It's not that there's no personality there, just that it's apparently aggressively hidden.

Contrast this with recent and barely integrated Yahoo acquisitions of delicious, Flickr, or even upcoming.org where the personalities of those sites and those individuals seems to be intact.

I bemoan the loss of once-essential Yahoo tools like eGroups that has been systematically smothered by either neglect or random Yahoo foolishness. Yahoo Groups is still better by far that most alternatives, but they're currently hiring quickly to spiff it up, and I fear they're going to ruin it in the process.


J Leroy I agree that if there was some unifying theme it would help with the synergy between all of Yahoo!'s different properties. It definitely feels like a lot of self-contained stores in a big Yahoo! mall.

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