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19 December 2006


Bryan Zug

Creekside Inn in Palo Alto has good free wifi -- using it consistently these days to do SightSpeed video dinner calls with the wife and kids.

Ed Vielmetti

I found that the combination of internet access, pool, and free breakfast managed to be a good filter when looking for places to stay on my last vacation (around Lake Michigan with the family). These were each one night stays, and we ended up planning mostly from the road one or two nights ahead of where we were going to stay next.

Jim Benson

Bryan! How often are you flying down?

Ed ... you have found the algorithm of the perfect stay. When I did that drive in 1988 I could only go by what sign I saw from the highway. That was a _bad_ methodology.

Ed Vielmetti

yeah, it worked out pretty well. We managed to hit the only good restaurant in Green Bay, Wisconsin along the way.

A friend traveled cross-country without a master plan, relying on a big mailing list assembled for the purpose to guide her with recommendations two or three days ahead. We got entertaining field reports from the road in exchange for our recommendations.

In contrast, my latest weekend family journey (five people, three locations, several handoffs timed down to the minute) required a four page planning document to cover 72 hours.

There's some untapped market for the "itinerary planner" decision support system, the systematic approach to making sure that you have enough meals, accomodations, travel arrangements and reimbursement documents all organized together so that the actual trip is easy.

Jim Benson

That system also needs to let you take toothpaste on your carry on....

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