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21 December 2006



You are so right. Plus, the browser is the place in our minds where all of the other people are. So, it makes sense that applications are movign towards the browser.

I think that this is also possibly an unforseen by some people by product of the open sourcing of Netscape with the Mozilla and now Firefox projects. This really seems to have opened the floodgates for development. Largely because it lowered the barrier. It's hard to keep up with what people are developing for browsers these days. Not ot mention the emerging OverlayWeb http://www.communitywiki.org/en/WebAnnotation#OverlayWeb

We are exploding out multiverses of meta information, and the browser is definitely the medium that it is happening in.

It's interesting to observe that even the most novice computer user can usually use the browser interface. Even if they don't understand all of the functions of the browser. Even if they one of the peopel who don't understand that they can type "yahoo.com" in the URL line of the browser, and instead always type the sites they want to go to into a search engine, and then click on the link to the site they are looking for (there are thousands of people who do this). They still can use the browser. I have a theory that people who otherwise are quite computer illiterate are willing to learn to use the browser because of the pot of gold that it at the end of the rainbow of their learnign to use it (the internet).

Jim Benson

No doubt!

My father read about Pandora on my blog the other day. He sent me an email asking questions about it, but before I could respond, he was on there and diving deep into the music.

With a desktop app, no way that would have happened.

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