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29 December 2006


Edward Vielmetti

I compare the resources I have to do backups on my own personally owned equipment and compare that with the people responsible for the same problems at The Yahoo and The Google and figure it better be them to do the work, not me.

There are files of mine that have been online continuously now for 15 years (at ftp://ftp.cs.toronto.edu/pub/emv/ , last change dates 1991) which has to mean at least five generations of physical hardware changes to keep them going. Anything I have that's digital that has survived for any length of time has done so because the media its on has been replaced by someone else. (Yes, I still have 5.25" floppies from the 1980s that I hope to read some time, and I'm betting I will never get any data from them.)

As to losing the laptop, yeah, it was traumatic, sort of like losing a big piece of my brain (but still needing to have it around to get my day done). Thanks for your loaner.
It makes me think about what it must have been like to have a whole society offline as happened in the recent Taiwan earthquake.

Jim Benson

Yes, but ... in cases like this one they specifically do not archive your information.

I've never lost anything from my hotmail account, either. The chance of data loss happening is small - but the pain great.

So we extend more than a bit of risk.

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