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11 December 2006


Mr. Nick

I love all the torrent sites, the more sites the harder they are to track and shut down. Anyways I support all torrent sites and respect the people who run them.

But if you want a really wicked search tool try Torrent Harvester http://torrentharvester.awardspace.com/
It can search 80+ sites, and can even search password protected sites using your cookies. This program Rocks.

Jim Benson

Wow, this post has had over 6,000 hits - but only one comment!


If you use the Advanced search with torrentz.com you get 41 results, not 2. http://www.torrentz.com/search?x=27&y=23&q=Numan&advanced=true

Jim Benson


Sure enough you do! In the main search you also now get 7 hits on Numan.

My question is ... why make people go through the bother of clicking the "advanced" box when it's just a checkbox. It's not like the advanced features had a lot of variables I could set.

From a user interaction perspective, I can't see much of a use for hiding a deeper user experience like that.


hey guys lets all just get wat we can wen we can ..lmao


ScrapeTorrent.com just returned 72 results for "Numan"...


Jim Benson

Thanks Justin,

One of the counterweights for number of hits is the value of the hits. Does ScrapeTorrent provide tools to filter out spam torrents?


ISOhunt is without a doubt the best torrent search site around at the moment


too bad isohunt left out comments unlike torrentspy, it helps choosing the right torrent and make it work

Jim Benson


When you use torrentspy, do you always, sometimes, rarely or never leave comments? Is the torrentspy community diligent in their commenting?


How can Torrent Scan turn up 7 hits and isoHunt 84 if Torrent Scan searches isoHunt? LOL very neutral article.. ;-p

Jim Benson


True enough, Torrent Scan nests the 17 sites you can scan with it in a frame and you individually have to go to each site.

TorrentScan really isn't a search engine, it's a portal to several search engines. So TorrentScan doesn't search IsoHunt, it merely calls it up.

However, even though TorrentScan does allow you to go to each, it is still meaningful to know which ones offer better results. Otherwise you'd just have to go down the list.



Jim Benson

Don't you hate it when people just leave comments like that with no supporting text?

Demonoid appears to be a central storage area for torrents, assumably to aid seeding. If this is wrong, someone let me know. If this is right, they aren't long for this world - this is easy pickings for the RIAA and MPAA.


I'm sorry Jim if I came off 'somewhat rudely' it was not my intention. I was merely trying to enlight the humoristic side of the mistake (why I added the smilie; I always try to look at the bright side of life).

I would also like to point out that, as a regular visitor of Torrent Scan, the popup has a limit of 1 pop every 48 hours (or maybe even more). I get the feeling this was not taken into account when commenting on the popup. Furthermore I'd like to say that there hasn't been a popup on the site for over a month now, so it's not really up-to-date. ;-)

PS. The 'advantages for torrent site admins' here: http://torrentscan.com/about.php is an intresting read on the value of Torrent Scan.

Jim Benson


Thanks! I really appreciate it when commenters come back to check on the replies and keep the conversation going.

Yeah, this post has been sitting here for a while. So it some of it might be a bit out of date.

I did go back and edit the original post when you wrote though. I've meant to do a deeper dive into the various torrent search engines and the portals that either use their search engine or that lead to them. When I do, I'll certainly put the link for that here.


Well, I just did a search for Numan using torrent harvester and it turned up 1301 results and that's excluding 1130 results which did not match Numan in the title.

Torrent Harvester has to be the best option for torrent searching as it can search over 170 sites and beats torrent search hands down. I dont use anything else nowadays.

Nick Nack

Spy Sweeper warns that Torrent Search from openwares.org puts advertising on your computer. Beware.

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