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26 December 2006



Doh... I definitely enjoyed reading this post... but the reward is having to come up with some tidbits myself...

I'm also wondering about all the fish you missed out eating in China...

Jim Benson

For what I lacked in fish, I more than made up in crustaceans!


when you came to Denver with that afro it was unbelievable. I shoulda taken you to the old man haircut barber and had it shaved off. Being a skinhead woulda been better than afro head

Jim Benson


"I'm just glad I make good copy."
- Dave.


You definitely piqued my interest... I eagerly await the afro photograph...


Now that I think of it, your goofy self-potraits are as bad as your afro. You're a good lookin' guy (at least Vivian thinks so). So no more bug-eyed self portriats pleeze

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