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16 January 2007



Full disclosure - I work at Expedia and worked on part of this project in fact, but am not speaking in any official capacity.

It would be tough for us to show redemption rates since ThankYou Network is a separate entity we are partnered with and those redemption rates may change. The pages on our site are focused on enrolling you in the program and how you can earn points while shopping with Expedia. ThankYou handles all of the redemption. I agree with you though that the FAQ could be a bit clearer about where to get the redemption info. Hope you find things smoother once you're signed up.

Jim Benson


Thanks Armen. A few things though..

First, this was mostly teasing and noting that I was viewing the same graphic over and over again.

Second, even a better linking directly to the ThankYou site would have been great. "For current redemption rates and programs click here."

But I also can't help but think that ThankYou could have a currentredemptionspecials.rss RSS feed that would go to partners like Amazon with targeted real-time redemption information and specials.

Lastly, things got clearer, but for some reason Expedia has a default ThankYou account number for me that it displays for me ... but I have to specifically tell it at the time of reservation that I want to.

Expedia customer since the beginning.

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