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05 January 2007


Jim Kukral

There are alternatives that work! Hint... hint...

Myeh Tsin, hehe. True for millions and millions.


First, I of course agree with the sentiment of your posting. I blog to stay in contact with people.

But I have two small comments... is it possible that you don't get any AdSense revenue because you don't have Google Ads on your blog? At least when I looked I couldn't find any - hard to tell with all the stuff that's there.

Which leads me to the second point; is it possible that you get so few clicks on Amazon because most people read your blog via rss since opening your typepad site takes something like 3 minutes on my 7Mb/s link at home? I haven't checked, but with all the stuff in the sidebars and the large number of posts on your home page, it must be easily 10MB to download (and easily more than 100 files with all the images).

I only come to your site if I want to comment, other than that I always use Bloglines...

Food for thought...

Jim Benson


The adsense ads on my blog are intentionally place in a nearly unfindable position. (Right column near the bottom).

I wondered about the loading times, but the blog section comes up almost immediately. What takes a while is loading the little bits from Plazes. When I watch the status bar in Firefox, it says loading from plazes.com for quite some time. Everything zips right up.

So, I haven't really thought about cutting it down.

As for the RSS feeds. Absolutely. There are people that inject adsense ads in their RSS feeds and I hate that.

I'm quite happy that people read the feeds and only come in when moved to comment. I know that's what I do with other people's work. Frequently I'll feel a little alone because there are no comments and then I'll be at a party and someone will want to talk about what I wrote a few weeks back. And that makes it all better. :-)


Well - when I quit Firefox and then load the site it spends quite a while on the left sidebar and only after that does the blog show up.

I agree with you on Google Ads in the feed - unless you are a full time blogger and need that to make a living it's a no-no. And even then...

Now let's see if I can find those ads that you mention :-)


Sorry - I looked. No Ads. Can you show me on a screenshot? :-)


I see a Google Ad - it's beneath the MyBlogLog table and above the Technorati search box.


Remove egg from face...



I mean...

Turning off ABP in Firefox really helps.

Man I'm glad it's Friday.

I'll go to dinner now and stop embarrassing myself on my computer :-)

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