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15 January 2007


Ron Davison

So you are saying that page views are to a website what lines are to a business? A indicator of popularity that may actually suggest dissatisfaction.

Jim Benson

Exactly. If you have a website people don't need, they just come back. But Microsoft has a fairly captive audience. People who have to find information on their site.

Yahoo had this problem a while back, they improved their site navigation and their pageviews went down - because people were finding what they needed.

Jay Fienberg

I think you nailed it, as many parts of Microsoft, over the recent past, have caught on to the idea that a thought-out site organization / navigation is a good thing.

You're definitely correct about the captive audience who, in the past, have been repeatedly forced to scoure a site to find a bit of info, and who now can find the same info in a couple clicks.

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