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06 March 2007


Jay Fienberg

What you are illustrating is an excellent example of how the web changes access to, and even the shape of information.

But, I think describing that information as "the conversation" is figurative at best.

And, at least when other people talk about this information as "the conversation," I worry a bit that they're engaging in a kind-of cultural imperialism, e.g., those who make up the culture of power users of these blog mechanisms assert their structure onto what's actually a diverse and heterogeneous collection of voices (not necessarily intentionally part of any conversation, let alone *the* conversation of the blogosphere).

Jim Benson

Yeah, I know. We've talked about this before, last time over brunch I believe.

The question is still ... what else to call it?

I think last time we actually came up with something clever, but that could have just been the Mimosas talking.

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