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13 March 2007


Ed Vielmetti

There's something difficult in figuring out where you want to be a regular, and where you want to show up every once in a long while to see what's new. There are some cafes where I used to show up with Saul in tow every single Sunday, and now four years later I'm hardly ever there and not with him (though my postcard is still up on the wall).

I've been using the Adwords keyword tool at


to help think about related terms for traffic. If you look at the comparison between "twitter" and "torrent" in that tool it should be pretty clear what's going on - there's a huge field of related terms around torrent, but the related terms around twitter are much less related.

I don't know how long the net will stay twitterpated.


Thanks for Thinking Different and observing things in a unique light.

I hear you about the search for quality among the deluge of information. I finally got all 50 something RSS feeds loaded into Google Reader after my hard drive crash and - it's overwhelming.

I think even as the deluge of information gets larger and larger, there's still a finite amount of attention one person can give. So although we have so many more options in terms of info sources, inevitably the brain is going to step in and come up with filters like "quality" - maybe if only as a defense mechanism!


great post, thanks for using my photo!

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