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11 March 2007


David Scott Lewis

Better than Twitter: A phone call!! Or, SMS. Or, Skype. Twitter won't survive: It's worse than a technology in search of a market; it's a feature in search of an application.

Ed Vielmetti

Weekend Luddite was a good strategy this weekend. The weather has been spring, Dairy Queen is open, and when I have been inside during the day it has been time spent reducing the piles of paper on my desk.

I'll still go online after dinner.

My favorite part of Twitter is the private messages. This is the easiest way to get a short message into someone's IM stream and inbox at the same time.

I'm sure SXSW was better because of twittering that was going on there, I saw a bunch of people doing last minute planning. Heaven help anyone who was paying SMS charges to use it. When everyone heads home from Austin we'll see what happens.

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