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29 April 2007



I think it goes too far to suggest that connectivity is causal with respect to coherence. I'm not even sure there is strong correlation.

In the absence of connectivity, coherence is not relevant, perhaps (although conceptual coherence has local application too, I would say, so maybe it is a different level of connectivity).

It strikes me that it is coherence that makes connectivity workable, and I can see that in your examples.

Jim Benson

Thanks Dennis,

Good points, I actually thought about going back and renaming the article after I finished it, but by then I was ready for some breakfast.

I think that conceptual connectivity was what I was aiming for though. The visual flow of a downtown area gives it coherence only because we perceive or interpret it to make sense.

The mental blockage of "I don't want to walk under the freeway" is purely perception. The physical connection of the pedestrian walkway is there. The mental image of how ugly it is to cross underneath is a conceptual block that undermines the physical.

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