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01 May 2007



Good tips. I think under don't be an idiot, is also - know what you have in your carry on. Sometimes I see folks who forgot they had a bottle of water or a long pointy thing in their bag and hold up the line - because they don't seem to remember what they packed for the trip they're on.

Jim Benson


Although I must admit a few weeks ago in my briefcase there was a bottle of water I totally forgot about....

Edward Vielmetti

I did OK at ORD today, but not perfect. Two small errors: I showed my ID to the person after I had gone through the metal detector (not needed), and I failed to push my bin into the conveyor promptly enough (eliciting a grumble from the person who was responsible for not pushing bins in).

I also picked the wrong pocket for my boarding pass, so it's ripped. Ooops. Hope they let me on the flight.

Jim Benson

This post, for some reason, and despite captcha, is getting comment spammed, so I'm going to have to shut comments off for this post.

Strange, because it is only this post.

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