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17 May 2007



In 1993 I was clerking for the presiding judge in a courthouse in CT and there was talk of giving each judge a computer (as it happened they all got lap tops a few years later). He intimated that he had no idea of computers, and that to my generation using a computer was "like reading a book."

I am not a privilged 59 yr old guy in England, but I am a 40 yr old American who doesn't know anything about downloading music or blackberries and such.

Technology changes faster than you can blink these days. I'm still getting used to CD's. Even with the progress of the 20th century, change is incredibly rapid. Perhaps it's GOOD the judge didn't know what a website was. Since was does having "a website" make one a criminal? (or so we should like to think). If having "a website" is a criminal offence in the UK, you may have a point. Otherwise it is a secondary issue before the Court. "omigod, he doesn't even know like how to text."

Not all of us are computer geeks (or "geniuses") and some people like to be Luddites. Some people like to live on farms--should I criticize them for not being close to a McDonald's or Chinese take-out?

The solution is instead of an explaination in open court, y'all take a recess and go into chambers to explain why this use of technology (anyone can unnerstand that, even a wrinkly Brit) is a danger

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