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17 September 2007


Raju Vegesna

Thanks or your support Jim.

Can you please let us know what the second issue is? We'll try to fix it soon.

Sin Jin Lee

I admit Zoho's CRM app is nifty. But Zoho over 37 signals??

Jay Fienberg

We've switched from 37 Signals' Basecamp to Zoho Project for project management. And, without getting into nitpicky details about Basecamp vs Zoho Project, I can say that I'd pretty consistently recommend Zoho Project over Basecamp--and I'd recommend that people who feel limited by Basecamp switch to Zoho.

Actually, I'd probably say that Basecamp is a tool designed for tracking communications, and not so well designed for traditional task tracking. Zoho Project is better designed for traditional task tracking, e.g., where you rely on multiple date-based, resource-based and milestone-based views of your project universe.

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