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03 September 2007


Richard Banks

Thanks for the response :-) (and nice post again!).

In my experience cash flow is the absolute number 1 reason companies take on business that doesn't fit within their core area or marry up to their ideal engagements.

That's fair enough too. Without cash flow, all the lofty ideals in the world won't cover your employees next pay check or the next tax bill, etc. But the cash flow excuse is a slippery slope for many. When you take on "pay the bills" jobs too often you can erode who and what you intended your company to be. This can be especially difficult if the cash flow jobs are really profitable. The Jim Collins books (Good to Great, Built to Last) tackle this subject quite well (core values, idealology, etc).

Oh, by the way, "Most CEO's" doesn't mean all. I'd consider you a little left of centre for a normal CEO :-)

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