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16 December 2007


Edward Vielmetti

Apparently there are five of me on Spock. That surprises me somewhat becuase according to the most authoritative authority on the subject, Spock only had access to protein resequencer technology, and not to replicators


I'll happily not join this system, and wait for it to coarsely scrape all sorts of data about me and get it wrong.

As for Spock, this Flickr photo is perhaps best:


it's from Caterina, and this one


from the original artist.

live long and prosper,


Laurel Papworth

I prefer ClaimID - I "claim" my own webpages and press articles etc. In fact I use ClaimId to social bookmark my profiles. I can even hide a Username/password-hint field. Beats having stickies allover my machine :)

Spock don't do search very well - I tried to add a relationship to a few people but they didn't show up on search. They could send me the direct link to their page - usually your firstname-surname-andsomenumbers but no way could I enter the relationship the way they wanted me to.

The deletion of the pink SilkCharm was simply the final straw. The image you see there was uploaded by David - apparently if you uploaded a picture and tag it as someone, it changes their profile. I might start working on having the "least" spock marks and upload fotos of Penthouse babes. Whatjareckon? :)

Nosy Neighbor


I tagged myself with the name of my high school. Spock tagged me with "business consultant". I had a moment of clarity and decided I probably don't need every random I meet at a conference to know where I grew up, but couldn't take the tag off. I had to report my own self to spock. "Dear Sirs, I tagged myself Lowell High School, but I don't want that to be known about me. Please remove." Bizarre. I'm still a "business consultant" because all I did was vote against that tag.

Freaky bizarre. Stear Clear.

Kathy Jacobs

One of the things I like about Spock is the fact that you can mark duplicate results for merging. If you have multiple results for a search for your name, you can click the Merge Duplicates link at the top of the results. This will turn on check boxes you can use to recommend results to be merged.

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