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28 December 2007


Sam Rose

I have the same problem as far as migrating from typepad goes. But, in my case, I just went ahead and did it. I've moved to blog.socialsynergyweb.com, and I have put time aside next year to build that up. I have noticed that the machines will adapt to my change (machines running services like google, alexa, technorati, etc, that is).

Beyond that, I have also migrated my rss feed reading to open source software: http://socialsynergyweb.com/gregarius and have started to work towards combining existing building blocks in Drupal, moinmoin wiki engine, WikiCalc/SocialCalc, OddMuse wiki engine, Wordpress, and Media Wiki, Django project, RubyonRails CMS platforms among other open source software tools, to create toolsets that will let people both host their own content, and connect with others.

What this is leading to is a way for people to pay for a 1 click install of a service, like Drupal for instance, and be able to configure to host blogs, forums, video and audio content, rss feeds, social bookmarking, and custom widgets of many types, and to eventually connect with others, and to sustain and retain their identity.

OpenID is of course part of this strategy, or at least something that will eventually emerge from OpenID. So is OAuth, and so are the ideas emerging from the portable social network.

I am also convinced that FOAF will rise from the ashes in this new era, and so will RDF and Semantic technologies in general. Once people make them more integrated.

Social bookmarking improves alexa ranking?

I installed alexa toolbar & widegt but no result see http://www.alexa.com/data/details/main?url=www.fortunehotels.in ranking of my website here.

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