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05 December 2007


Jay Fienberg

Interesting observation. The other thing I notice is that Facebook doesn't have much to do with the larger information sharing environment of the web. Facebook isn't a good place to look for information, in general--even the info about people, at it's best isn't notably better than what you'd find on the web.

Facebook has been successful by creating new ways of sharing some people information, but it's focus on doing so comes with a lack of focus on the wider expanse of information online--even including basic meme-link sharing.

So, now, more and more, Facebook let's you share links, etc., and even has a way to enter in all of the tracks and track times for an album of music, etc. Potentially, it could keep expanding to include more and more types of information and ways to link to it / connect it up--at the very least, there's a huge pile of examples for how to do so across the web, and Facebook probably doesn't have to do much more than copying some of these to successfully become more generalized.

the buhrger

to my mind, LJ was specifically constructed to do one thing well - i was initially going to say that thing was something along the lines of write blog posts, but on further consideration, i think it's really "start discussions". if i put a link up in LJ, i don't just provide the link - i talk about how i found it, why i think it's important, why my friends might find it interesting. while it's not impossible to do that on FB, my comments there only show up if the FBer (a) notices the post (b) notices that there are comments attached to it and (c) bothers to look at the comments.
the more i think about it, the less i can see the "one thing well" for which FB is designed...


(i arrived here via the buhrger's eljay.)

i can't figure out what people get from Facebook. it lacks any content of interest to me; i think Facebook feels like awkward small talk and Livejournal feels like conversation. sometimes the conversation is just catching up with friends, and sometimes it's more of a salon, but it's always engaging.

Jim Benson

It's interesting. I have never once heard someone refer to facebook as "engaging". So the word when presented for LiveJournal is telling.

LiveJournal, as Andrew says, is more focused. More evolved in some way.

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