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05 January 2008


Nancy white

LOL, ya making me dizzy!


Pretty slick. I like these food posts. I never knew the tip about massaging the citrus fruit for easier peeling, thanks just for that tidbit.

Jim Benson

Thanks Jason (um, and Nancy),

Jason, I want to show as much technique in these things as I can. I hate it when I watch food network and they're like, "Now I mix the ingredients."

Um, how did you mix them?

And now I pour it in this pan and look what it looks like when it's done!

So,maybe I should just do a technique series. A bunch of short three minute videos just showing things like, how to open fruit, how to de-vein prawns, how to clean a crab, how to hold a knife, how to sharpen a knife.

This showed me that cooking a complicated meal is a lot of editing. It's just that these things don't seem that complicated when I'm making them. Watching the video seems more complicated.

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