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06 January 2008


Bill Anderson

Jim, I agree with you that Facebook (do you generalize to all the other social networking platforms?) is one grand experiment in ... well something. For me part of the interest is finding out what somethings might show up (or is it "pop-up" in browser lingo?).

But I think you miss the point that some people even take toys and playing seriously. So I do engage in Facebook and Twitter and a number of e-mail lists for serious experimenting. I would be dishonest to say that I'm not getting anything valuable out of Facebook participation. I particularly like the news stream even in its current flawed implementation.

On your more serious point I am looking for real online networking that can extend my so-called off-line or real-world networks and relationships. And I know you were kidding on Twitter when you said you didn't collaborate. But my experience is that collaboration is d-mn hard and happens less often then we'd like to think. Our U.S. of A. is one individualist culture and culture is pretty hard to resist.

Jim Benson


Yes, Baseball is "just a game" even when you are A-Rod and making tens of millions of dollars.

I enjoy Facebook, I'm just finding the people who are expecting it to be more than just fun and superficial communication.

You should be painfully aware I love the superficial communication and fun in Facebook. :-)

Travis Martinez

I also agree that facebook is much like a networking toy. It is inhibiting, but that is what makes it a great toll as well. It gives people an opportunity to make new connections or reestablish old ones not on the premise of social networking but as a fun way to virtually "hang out."

david ng

Hi there,

interesting comments. i like facebook in many ways but simply for fun and connecting with friends overseas who i don't get to see often.

i'm just a bit curious, as you are looking for a networking tool that can fulfill the expectations that facebook doesn't meet, could you be a little bit specific about the kind of features that you would like to see?

jim ("we are all waiting for a real, useful, social networking tool."), what do you mean by real and useful? like what would you like to use it for? and what to accomplish with this tool?

bill ("real online networking that can extend my so-called off-line or real-world networks and relationships"), in which ways would you like to see your off-line relationships and networks extended?

like you have said, facebook is a toy more than a tool, so if it is to become a tool, what would the tasks that this tool is used for?

just some questions that we might have a little discussion here :)

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