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02 January 2008


Edward Vielmetti

Twitter has a certain carrying capacity, both for humans (how many people you can follow) and as a system (how it can scale gracefully and socially under increased load).

There is some weird 2d space where you can plot instant message, twitter, and IRC. For me, twitter was a better IM system but not as good an IRC system as full blown IRC. (And then I remember why I like to write in paragraphs sometimes.)

I say "weird 2d space" because there are several elements of Twitter (message persistence, portability across mobile and IM networks, multicast) that aren't in either of IM or IRC, and thus the user experience is colored by those as much as it is by the structure of the communications space itself.

Some of us probably feel now like those old Victorians felt, deluged with telegrams and postal mail.

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