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06 March 2008


Dan Ciruli

Even a "Great post, Jim!" goes a long way.

Comments are, indeed, the food of the soul. I love it when an actual discussion breaks out in the comments of my blog -- it makes me feel useful.

By the way, great post, Jim!

Jim Benson

Thanks Dan!

Not just in the comments but also in the overall community. Whether that happens in blogs, comments, twitter or ... wherever people may be conversing.

Viva le conversation!

Edward Vielmetti


(woops, wrong universe)

Jay Fienberg

IMO, you* really need to turn-off "nofollow" on your blog if you want people to feel that they can comment and link to you freely. We can't really do this thing together, that's ultimately about making good uses of links, if some significant number of bloggers is indiscriminately segregating links into second-class status on the web. Effectively, this is making a portion of the "food" we can share into a scarcity that is actually plentiful in the true web.

* although I'd like this to be said to many people, in this case, by "you," I definitely mean *you*! I don't know if Six Apart is literally forcing you to use nofollow on this blog, but if so, that's revolting.

Jim Benson

Hmm, I had no idea it was part of the template. Something else to do today, I guess.

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