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28 June 2008


Ian Graham

Jim, Interesting post and cool concept but not sure that I quite “get it”.

The business is on the left of your first diagram, and the chart flows to the right ending in context. Doesn’t this imply that the context is that of the “user”, “client”, “consumer” or wherever the final destination is. That being the case “context” is in the eye of the beholder rather than the business. All that to say “how can a business manipulate user based context?”

A couple of other reference points you may wish to consider (if you are not already aware of them) that have similar concepts to what you have presented.

Tony Buzan, “How to Mind Map”
Value Networks – www.value-networks.com


Dan Keldsen

Ian - very interesting post. I like most of it, although the portion of the concept map that connects "identifying" directly to "distribute" doesn't quite work for me, given the rest of your model.

Love the "business squanders value" map - very interesting, and I'd say that part of what separates Knowledge Management 2.0 from Knowledge Management 1.0, is that it should be far easier now to simply make the capture of all intellectual property (current or future realization) simply a part of the normal course of work.

Interesting post - I'll keep an eye out for what else you have coming up. FYI - you given your interest in the value of captured content/information/knowledge, you may find our social network, Information Zen (http://www.informationzen.org) and interesting batch of people. Now over 1,200 people, and only 2 months into the creation of the network.

Dan Keldsen

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