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08 November 2008


shani lee

So what are your ten, Jim?

Mark Evans


I like the 10 tabs rule. I often find myself with 20 or so tabs open, and then get into an exercise of killing the tabs that don't seem as interesting. It's probably not the best way to manage things. :)


Sue Thomas

Jim - snap. Just yesterday I was saying to a colleague that I'm trying hard to work more slowly and concentrate on one thing at a time. If I don't watch myself, I race through the day and at the end of it feel exhausted and worried I've missed something. But there is another way - I have a great job, so why not enjoy it? Write a thoughtful document, a friendly email, a carefully-structured plan - and **not all at the same time**!. I'm sure I am getting through my todo list more slowly, but the tasks are more satisfying, and after all we only have one life so let's experience it fully as it goes along. And as for Friendfeed - does anyone actually read through all of that mountain of stuff? I'll probably follow your example and unsub, I think.

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