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15 November 2008


An Bui


Great point about people becoming more humane. That's one of the differentiators organizations can point to - their ability to connect with customers, unique to the rapport between the brand and customer. Companies that use social media as an "exploitation tool" don't get it. The more fundamental problem is lack of transparency. Would it have been exploitation if it were clear that Jim and Laura's trip were fully funded by Wal-Mart? Just some things to think about.

Catherine Skoor

I found you on Twitter and think this is a fascinating discussion and want to learn more. I think as things get tighter we'll all begin to value a human touch, probably with a little trading of goods and services among friends and associates.

I'm looking for farmer's markets, local small family-owned stores, etsy creators, artisans instead of visiting Macy's and it's all new to me. If I'm looking for these new ways to conduct business, I can't be alone.

I'm looking forward to reading more.

Alex Davis

Love your blog. I don't think we can count big box out yet. They've done well enough over the last few years to invest money in completely changing the way they do business. I think we'll see them scale down before we see them bow out.

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