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29 November 2008


Ed Vielmetti

You use Plurk because people feel free to be silly on Plurk, as opposed to Twitter where everyone has their professional marketing hat on at least some of the time.

There's value in Plurk in part because it's hard to build a Professional Brand Identity there, and it's not search engine optimized so the SEO spammers haven't colonized it.


I wish I had been online yesterday when that convo was going on--it definitely resonates with me. Of course, I have a cat who would do exactly what the cartoon cat is doing. One of the things I've learned over the years is to savor the fleeting moments of happiness, because life has a way of interfering. Taking the time to appreciate what I have when I have it, whether it's a cat asleep on my lap or a baby giving me wet kisses, helps me through the times that aren't so good.


Jim, I went through a similar topic of discussion with contacts on Jaiku; we were making cases for and against @replies & threaded replies, and #some_word (a feed any old person can participate in simply by including #some_word in the body of their status update) and #some_group (an administrated 'group', to which only authorized members can contribute their status updates).

It could be boiled down to: Should the latest 'speech' in a network always be pushed to the top of the interface, ignoring whether or not it is a status update or a response, or should there be a hierarchy, within which replies to a status update are tucked underneath the respective status update.

Re. Plurk usage; I'm really glad to hear you're enjoying Plurk and finding time to use it alongside Twitter.


Plurk can be more convivial because it encourages interaction within threads.

Twitter's major failing is that when you reply to someone (@ them) it replies to their last tweet, even though you may be replying to their second last tweet etc. It can be amusing (Dick: Bacon and eggs for breakfast? Dick: And in other news my neighbour needs to be shot for playing Mariah Carey so early in the morning. Jane: Excellent idea. I may just join you in that.)

Just my $0.002 (in this global economic crisis!)


Thanks for the Buddhism link, Jim. My latest saying is "You can't make a cat walk backwards!"

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