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28 December 2008


Bill Tozier

And Bill's main response is here, since he was writing it while you were transcribing this bit :)

Those people I mention, who piss people off by saying Agile isn't for everybody? They're among the creators of the term, the notion, signers of the frickin' Manifesto. And the people they piss off are Agile junkies.

Both are right. Agility is more useful, now, in many cases where it has not recently been explored.


I wonder what you mean by "The principles behind Agile - dynamic teams, frequent and short group meetings, ritualized communication, limiting work in progress - are all, I believe, universally applicable." I think that some of the main ideas behind Agile is to give more power to people and to have a collaborative mode of working between users and developers. Sadly I think that this is not the mode that a lot of organizations operate, as they are more in a command/contract mode.

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