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20 December 2008


Sam Rose

How do you get to the decentralized when working with the centralized? How do you convince people to adopt decentralized practices?

Bill Tozier

You want to go for the home run here, throw in Scott Page's notions on diversity and intellectual toolkits. Because that's the killer app, still more or less untapped, for social network storytelling.

Drag out your copy of The Difference, thumb through it, and refactor in your #1, #7, #10... and there's a thing in the middle most folks haven't seen yet.

I give this to you, Karma man, because you're getting so close anyway.

Sam Rose

I guess what I was trying to say is: How to convince people who are skeptical and set in their ways to start thinking about and adopting decentralized practices?

Fear seems to be the primary obstacle.

Jim Benson

Sam and Bill,

Thanks! I'm working on a blog post to answer these comments. Give me a few days for that,you guys are tough!


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