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01 December 2008



Hi, I'm one of the product managers here at Six Apart. I saw your recent comment on ariwriter.com regarding TypePad Connect. I'd love to hear your top issues and feature requests, so please feel free to email me at kimmie@sixapart.com.

To address your concerns, we know that community features such as following and tracking are extremely important for the TypePad community. We are working on making these available next year.

TypePad Connect was released as an off-blog commenting platform only because it’s still in Beta and we’re working out the kinks. Once we move out of Beta, all the features of TypePad Connect will be integrated into TypePad. You will not need to go to a separate platform for comment management. If you want to give it a try now, the integration will be seamless and we provide flows between TPC and Typepad so it shouldn't feel like you're completely on a third party platform.


It has always been my theory that the reason Twitter took off at SXSW in 2007 was that it worked with phone text messages. You could use it to hook up with people in the real world, to find who was at what bar or which party was lame or which panel was totally great or whatever.

I realize that SMS only limps along on Twitter now, and that most of the current users don't use it the way it was used back then. But that first critical mass of users was driven by its mobility and real world broadcasting capabilities - something Pownce never had, and thus didn't inspire any early adopters to jump ship. Which, of course, left Twitter as the best (if still far from perfect) thing going.

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