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31 January 2009


Anton Mannering

Jim you are of discounting the fact that many organisations make information hard to get on purpose.
While the information may be very valuable for you. The value to an organisation may be in you not being able to access it readily.
Obviously in a utopian world this wouldn't be the case, realistically though it happens all the time.
I think it's important to define what value means and to whom. Value like anything else has context.

Jim Benson


True enough - and if this is a conscious decision then so be it. However, more often than not, it is either an assumption that information is a good that is distributed on an as-needed basis and that the hoop to jump through to get information is very small and very high.


It is merely an oversight that people will want to find information in the first place.

Much information in organizations are hard to find simply because no one has considered that information to be a usable asset with a specific shelf life.

Certainly, organizations will always sequester certain types of information based on competitive or privacy sensitivities.


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